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Eschborn is a young city in front of the Taunus.

There has been the 1200-years-celebration in 1970. Eschborn has gotten city status the same time. The present development of Eschborn has been influenced by good traffic situation between the big cities in the Rhein-Main-Area, the motorway connections to the  north and the south of Germany and its position between the Taunus and the city of Frankfurt / Main.

Statistic informations:
Area of the town

98,8 acres  

Height above sea level 427 ft
Population on Dec, 31th 2010 20.811
Number of jobs ca. 31.000
Number of business and trade companies 3.556
Bus connection route
Frankfurt/Rödelheim-Eschborn-Oberursel 252
Eschborn-Frankfurt/Höchst 58
Schwalbach-Eschborn-MTZ-Hofheim ( District Capital ) 810
Hofheim-Bad Soden-Eschborn 812
S-Train connection     ( 3 stations)
Darmstadt-Frankfurt-Eschborn-Bad Soden-Frankfurt-Darmstadt

S 3

Langen-Frankfurt-Eschborn-Kronberg  and back

S 4

Motor way intersection

A 5


A 66

Tax revenues per resident 1998 (Leader in Federal State of Hessen)

5,391 DM
(2,914 US$)

Trade Tax

280 %

Debts on 06, 30 ,2000

0,0 DM
(0,0 US$)

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